"Your Legacy Will Annihilate Your History"
– Adam W. Watson

What A Woman (W.A.W)

W.A.W. (pronounced WOW) stands for What A Woman

In a heartfelt effort to support and empower women of all ages to discover the strength and beauty that is naturally inherent in every female, The Watson Companies is very proud to now offer the W.A.W Academy.

Sparked from a conversation regarding the degradation and cheapening of the women within our communities, Adam was so motivated by the offensive truth that he set out to design and develop a curriculum that reestablishes the power and dominance that women naturally hold. By engaging with leading female entrepreneurs and motivational leaders, Adam and his team created the W.A.W. Academy – with W.A.W. sounding like “wow” and standing for What A Woman!


You must be ready in mind, body, and in spirit so you can fully receive what Adam brings to his students.  One step at a time, and Adam and his team is willing to take each one with you.  We suggest you start with joining our Facebook public group and just listen, comment, share, or feel comfortable enough to actually reach out to other members to hear what they have to say about their experience with W.A.W.  

Once you join the group, you will gain access to our Business Building Page. The objective of this page is to support businesses, men and woman owned, with intentions to increase real-time interaction that builds each individual business. Share your website or Facebook business page.

 Another option is to simply start by signing up to receive daily affirmations. When you are ready, you will know where to come. We are here for you and waiting for you to take ownership of your own future – regardless of where you may have come from or through. We believe in and aim to support you right where you are!

Inspiring and empowering you to foster your own personal strengths, W.A.W. lessons teach you how to dictate your own future, find success on your terms and become every bit of the woman God intended you to be – a source of support, love and unbreakable strength for those around you. You have it in you, we’ll help you access it.

With each session being just $100, and flexible payment plans* available, Adam invites all women to experience W.A.W. training at its best. Though stipulations exist that require payment within a certain time period, our program was developed to ensure that all women have access to these important life lessons. Register now to reserve your spot at W.A.W Academy.

We look forward to proving the true power you genetically possess and helping to bring it to its beautiful fruition. Simply complete the form and we will send you a reservation confirmation through your personal email. If you have any questions, please call our reservation team for more information.

*Payments of $25 a week are required for participation. If payments due are submitted later than the required date, only recorded versions of the program will be available to you. Full payment will be due the day before your weekly class begins. Please register before submitting any payment for any program.

Adam Watson has generously chosen to included a free gift for all his students who enroll. Like surprises? Good, then enroll today, you won’t be disappointed. Hurry! Seats are limited and fill up quickly. We thank you for believing in yourself and welcome you to take the next step. Reserve today!