We Shift!

Happy Monday!

This week WE SHIFT! In the race of life, you have two races: the rat race where everyone tries to beat everyone else in their Race Against Time (R.A.T. race) to have success before their time on this Earth ends. And then there is the Life Race. The life race does not require speed and does not require you to have to go faster than other vehicles. It does not require crossing the line before everyone else does. It requires consistency and a good motor. It requires quality maintenance and a strong attitude to finish the race. The race begins again every day of your life.

There is no one else in this race and you are the only person on the track. But there are things on the track that require attention, administration and time management. These are some of the things on your track:
*predetermined assumptions
*unspoken expectations
*undeclared aspirations
*life changes and others

While I may deal with all of these in the future, let us begin this conversation by first agreeing on the statement that predetermined assumptions, unspoken expectations and undeclared aspirations are NOT your responsibility. These are things placed on you by other people. YOUR responsibility ultimately is only to those you have committed to by WORD, OATH, RING or BIRTH.

The amazing thing is that people place their assumptions, expectations and aspirations on you without even giving you a heads up! And then to top that, there is a subtle, implied requirement for you to meet what you never agreed upon!

That is foolishness! Why do I have to comply with what you never said, I never heard, we never conversed about or never came to an agreement or conclusion! That is what I call drama! But again, drama is not your problem. There are plenty of things on the track to take your attention away but you must STICK TO THE MAJOR RULE ON THE TRACK- STAY IN YOUR LANE!

Lane assignments are necessary for focus and safety. Many drivers have left their lane and caused accidents and pile ups because they moved into a lane occupied by another driver. Two vehicles (excluding motorcycles and bikes) were never purposed to occupy the same lane! The purpose of every lane is to accommodate one vehicle (with nothing alongside it) at a time. Streets and freeways are like lines- many cars can fit in the line, just not side by side. 1 line, many people; one lane, many cars.

Stay in your lane! Focus on your assignment! Your assignment is finishing the race and tasks you have today! Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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