Real Eyes Realize

You will realize how dangerous you are by the attack brought against you.

I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, The Lion King. I love this movie! It starts off introducing a wise king who had a great family, but one hater.

Any individual who would dare to be different and enact any kind of change will always have one hater. Anyone who embraces their identity and purpose will also have to accept the addition of one unknown hater into their circle. If you don’t know where yours is, you won’t need to get binoculars. You never have to look far for your own personal hater. Unfortunately, they are always close.

For Mufasa who was king of the Pride Lands, the hater was his brother. The hater was part of his family. The problem with the hater was a weird one unless you were part of the family. You see, from the viewpoint of the rest of the kingdom, there was no problem because the “hater” was family. That meant that the hater was royalty and as such, there should be nothing but love and loyalty. But inside the story was another dynamic. He was the brother of the king and not the son which meant he would always be an uncle and never an heir.

He was not content to be part of the family. He wanted to be head of that family. There were two things standing in his way – his brother Mufasa who was the king and his nephew who was heir to the throne. Simba, who was the haters’ nephew and only son to his father the king, was oblivious to the weight of his birthright and inheritance. He was also unaware of how fatal that ignorance was.

An attack is engaged against him. The hater places Simba his nephew in danger and then sends word to his brother knowing the king would move heaven and earth to protect his son. The king dies attempting to save his son. The hater tells the rightful heir (Simba) that he will be blamed for his father’s death and that he should run away. Simba goes from being most beloved in the kingdom to a wilderness survivor who had run for his life because of a plan set up by his hater to derail his destiny. This attack, birthed through jealousy and greed was elaborate in deed!

At the end of the movie series, we come to understand just how awesome and amazing the destiny of Simba was. The road to purpose is never through evasion. You will have to meet it head on. As you go through your day today, never forget the attack against Simba. You will only know how important you are by acknowledging the attack of your enemy (even if you never understand it) and how far they are will to go to make sure you never, ever (EVER!) reach your full potential.

So look back over your life. Remember what tried to happen, what almost happened, what actually happened and how you survived it. Know that your enemies understand how dangerous you are to their destructive purposes, even if their purpose is as petty as being better than you. Simba was a threat to the hater as a baby. As a child, he wasn’t old enough to understand what was going on. Never think that age is a disqualifier to gaining a hater.

All Mufasa did was fall in love! Falling in love is what begins the downshift to this story. Loving his mate was all he did to turn his family in a hater. But when you have destiny and purpose screaming over your life, your enemies will do whatever they can to silence you and your influence.

So know your worth. Know that you are a threat and a danger because of the good that you are capable of. Real Eyes Realize there is something different and something special about them. Know your worth and keep your eyes open.


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