Keys to Successful Travel-Turbulence by Carolyn Hall

It can be a scary feeling to be in any type of turbulence but when you think about it, that turbulence rarely causes bodily injury. Here are a few tips that might help you get through some bumpy times in your life:

Position yourself where you feel most comfortable. You have a choice as to where you sit, stand, or ‘hang out’. Although certain situations may not be your doing or choice, you do have a choice as to how you either remove yourself from that turbulent situation or remain in it.

Prepare as much as you can mentally and physically for what you may expect, but do not get more caught up in preparing for the worse, but more so with a ‘How Can I Brace Myself For Possible Turbulence’ thought-process.

Educate yourself on the different types of turbulence others have faced and/or overcome with intentions to understanding. Understanding is Prevention and someone else’s story can very well help you be prepared and handle your own turbulent situation or experience.

Apply the learned lessons from others. Listen, don’t just hear what they say, but truly listen to some of the very sound advice, guidance, tools, tips and techniques others provide you with. Yes each one has its own fingerprint on it, but many times life has a way of using another experience as a lesson.

An extension to preparing may mean you need to actually have a back-up plan in place or at least have a skeleton of one. This way, if your first plan doesn’t work, you have a few more to try again. Never give up on trying to find a solution to getting through your turbulence and you WILL find a way out safely.

Relax, don’t panic. Even if this means you need to learn relaxation techniques. You may be surprised how simple techniques bring about useful solutions – that work!

Master the ability to positively distract yourself. Maybe music, reading, writing, or taking pictures does it for you. It might be watching a movie or simply taking a walk in nature that works, but the point is you must master controlling your own mind to handle your life’s situations – good or bad.

In closing, remember, turbulence can cause wear and tear so recognizing when you need to repair yourself is vital to being able to maintain safety precautions. Taking these measures and making a conscious effort to the tips provided above may assist you in more ways than you realize in getting through your turbulence before it becomes hazardous to your health.

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