I Can’t Stand Cops!!!


Cops are designed to rob you of your joy and take the steam out of your excitement before Destiny begins. Cops always begin like they are on your side until their true purpose is revealed. Initially, they feign themselves to be friends and assistants to your destiny, promoters of your purpose; however, they are ruthless and heartless, only wanting their will accomplished as it relates to what you want.

They will handcuff you and lock you away for years! And then when you finally get your freedom, they give you a fake apology like they weren’t purposely motivated and activated to hurt you and move on.

Cops are so damn arrogant! If they attack you and wreck your life, they get off scot-free! But if you expose them for what they truly are, somehow you are the enemy! How am I the problem for exposing what has mismanaged and mishandled me?

I hate cops! What are cops? Cops are Casualties Of Purpose. Casualties Of Purpose can be many things. They can birth from a number of categories, take on a number of different situations and become an event. Once it becomes an event, you realize that its existence is in direct contradiction to your purpose. Cops are distractions. They are an inevitable loss on the path to destiny.

Deal with it. Life is tough. The contents of life are pressurized. You have to do inventory and realize that cops (Casualties of Purpose) pose an ever present threat to you before and after you reach your purpose. You can actually live without cops in your life. Cops are by definition GOING TO BE A LOSS!

C.O.P.S. (Casualties of Purpose) are distractions from the goal at hand. This week we will deal with C.O.P.S.

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