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“You are a champion. CHampions don’t know how to lose. Don’t think about losing. ADAPT!”

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Adam Watson

I’m the CEO of The Watson Companies and I am the guy who can get you to the rest of your life. I’ve been pushing entrepreneurs all over the world to be their phenomenal selves.

Driven by a passion for identifying negative thought patterns, and destroying them with life-affirming concepts, motivational speaker and author, Adam Wade Watson…

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Devonna Gentry

Adam Watson is truly an amazing speaker and extraordinary talent. He paints a vivid picture when it comes to his speeches on where people are currently in their mindset…

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Joselande Vilsaint

Mind Set Go! Is a phenomenal teaching of how to create a championed life and being the best version of yourself! !! Adam is amazing at what he does, he’s fully enthusiasm and teaches with a passion that lights up the room…


DeShaun McAfee

The passion he has while speaking keeps you engaged. Hello I’m DeShaun McAfee my first time hearing Mr. Adam Watson MINDSET GO was truly amazing. The way he relates…

"You will make poverty your enemy forever"
- Adam W. Watson

Adam has creative ways of tearing down and destroying negative mindsets using both Inspiration and Science. 

His down to earth approach on how to impact the lives of teens and adults, helps him deliver a message for everyone from the classroom, to the mail room to the board room. 

Having experienced loss, rejection, depression and abandonment, Adam is able to help others calculate their own value.


Revolutionary new books and audio books are coming soon from the creative space of Adam Wade Watson. Stay tuned for your Pre-Order Opportunities that will be launching soon!

Audio Series

This is where I transform your mindset and allow you to break down the walls that you probably never knew you had. There are two ways to view intelligence or ability: Ability is fixed or ingrained; in other words, we are born with a certain level of ability and we cannot change that….

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Change Your Vision:

Change Your Future

Stumbling blocks or stepping stones? How you see the obstacles in your life’s path is directly linked to your ability to get past them. Getting stronger after life’s setbacks is a personal choice but it takes a certain level of fortitude and intuition in order to achieve the mindset that allows us to make that choice. 

With an approach that can only be seen as common sense or down to earth, Adam Wade Watson has helped thousands of individuals begin to see the inevitable hardships that life has in store as opportunities for growth. With the precise intent of changing your mindset, Adam’s coaching sessions will help you overcome grief, loss, rejection and trauma; helping you to experience the joy, fulfillment and success that you were always destined for.


Your mindset plays a key role in determining your reactions to adversity. I believe that the only difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks are how you perceive them. 

In order to more effectively move past the negatives that life will most definitely throw at you, your mindset must be one that allows you to openly accept them and move past them.

WAW (What A Woman)

Inspiring and empowering you to foster your own personal strengths, W.A.W. lessons teach you how to dictate your own future, find success on your terms and become every bit of the woman God intended you to be – a source of support, love and unbreakable strength for those around you. You have it in you, we’ll help you access it.

Get Exclusive Courses

Now is your chance to get Adam W. Watson’s nine-track audio “9 Things I Know About You”, plus a bonus track from his phenomenal “Lanes Of Success” course from his Legacy collection.

In this fully-loaded course, Adam goes into detail about the nine key components that everyone should know about themselves in order to achieve personal contentment and success. Enjoy unfettered inspiration as the “MindSetGo” expert shares his latest motivational wisdom.


Where Adam Will Be Next….

The R & R Conference – August 26th – Get ready for your world to be rocked! Click below to learn about this amazing and life-changing event!