A spirit worse than Jezebel



I was wrong. We were wrong. We’ve been wrong for a long time, literally for centuries. Generations of believers around the world got it wrong, understood it wrong, justified it, taught it to their children and passed it down through generations, wrong. From a legacy and generational purview, the oversight is almost criminal! How many lives have been ruined? How many children’s’ lives have been shattered and how many families have been destroyed because we got it wrong? We assumed we got it right because we got chills and shivers and heard other preachers and prophets regurgitate what we’d previously heard and assumed. But you know what they say happens – when you assume.

I’m not here to bash, just to correct and inform. I received this revelation from the Lord because I opened myself up to a conversation with Him. Based on my history with the Father, I was super sure this would become a problem for me. The Lord told me that along with this book would come warfare. I still said yes. I still say yes. 

What we thought were the traits of Jezebel – the spirits of idolatry, fear, manipulation, control, domination, offense, rage and murder – have merged. Unfortunately for us, their name is not Jezebel. You may not like the truth you are about to read, but you will eventually understand that God has chosen this hour to unveil a painful and very real mystery to us. I hope you are ready. I wasn’t.

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