Celebration of Remembrance and Freedom

Last week, we celebrated Independence Day! This week I want to Celebrate the Breaking of Chains… The Breaking of Chains will signal the Breaking of Change!

Think back to what your life looked like or could have been. Think back to a situation you never thought that you would get out of. Think back to a situation that was so bad that you went to sleep at night and did not know, nor did you care when or if you would wake up in the morning. Remember the times that the word ESCAPE was something you could only dream of; the fear of even thinking about it too much might cause it to to scream out and alert everybody in your world…

Think back to a situation where the hounds of hell and the chains of bondage held your mind in such a place that you never thought freedom would come. How long ago was that? Was it yesterday, weeks ago, months or even years ago? Well, however far back that situation was, there is no need to rehearse the past. Just REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE! Remember that YOU DON’T THINK THAT DESTRUCTIVE WAY ANYMORE! Remember that WHAT HURT YOU BEFORE CANNOT HURT YOU NOW!

REMEMBER THAT YOU’VE GROWN Leaps and Bounds since that situation happened!
This week we celebrate the BREAKING of chains and the BRINGING of CHANGE into your life! Even if you are reading this morning’s motivation and you are still stuck in that situation – TODAY I DECREE AND DECLARE YOUR FREEDOM! FREEDOM from the lies told to you and on you, FREEDOM from your own mental mind wars and anguish! FREEDOM from the fears of today and tomorrow! Freedom From The Fears that your past will catch you. FREEDOM because YOU now KNOW WHO YOU ARE! FREEDOM because now you see that your past couldn’t kill you because it needed to escort you to your destiny! FREEDOM to finally BELIEVE THE MIRROR that shows you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL beyond description! FREEDOM to know that you can ROCK YOUR SCARS so that others can see that YOU SURVIVED!

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