Casualties of Purpose (C.O.Ps) – Arkham Asylum Relationships

Casualties of Purpose (C.O.Ps) – Arkham Asylum Relationships by Adam W. Watson

Arkham Asylum Relationships
One of my favorite video games to play is “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. In the game, the mental institution is overrun by the criminally insane. The former inmates now run the Asylum as warlords. Your goal is to bring the place back in order, stop the Joker and his band of lunatics from breaking out into the streets and lives of those in Gotham. The Joker has a plan as well. His plan is to trap you in the Asylum, unleashing the crazy of his home into your world and turning your already dark world into a place of nightmares. As I contemplated this game lying on the floor in a living room, I realized something: this dangerous situation Batman was dealing with for all intents and purposes were the creation of a flawed thought not corrected. It was the product of his own doing, a false notion that evil could be rehabilitated, with no necessity of destruction.

The Caped Crusader has a bad history. We meet him on the evening of the darkest moment in his life. His parents have been murdered and he becomes an orphan in the middle of a blood-soaked alley. Throughout most of his life as the Batman, you will notice that he rarely kills people. He tries to find non-lethal ways to neutralize his foes. He then places them all in a segregated society called The Asylum. In this game, he has been locked in a world of insanity, a lunacy that he is responsible for. Now, the people who he would not kill are attempting to kill him. This has finally become a situation where the relationship can no longer saved or fixed. It must be…ended.

There are times when Relationships are C.O.Ps (Casualties of Purpose). I know this by painful experience. There are times when you can no longer allow the abuse you accepted as places of compromise to control your actions moving forward. The journey to purpose will always include a redefining of what you will and what you will never again tolerate. There is a moment on the way to your future that you have to lay the groundwork for every relationship you will have moving forward.

I recently had an experience that both opened my eyes and hurt my heart. I realized that I was holding alot of people in my own holding cell of distrust and bitterness. Some of these people had done nothing wrong. They just happened to be part of a world that kept attacking for no reason; they were part of humanity, a humanity who kept swinging on me just because there was nothing better to do. They were part of a twisted, breathing faction of society that believed they could attack without warning, fire when NOT fired upon, take prisoners, abuse them and then ask for forgiveness when they come to understand the error of their own way, requesting an apology and feigning shock and disappointment when that forgiveness is not immediately forthcoming. Amazing and incredible foolishness…

I had to realize that some people will always see themselves as I once did – a victim. Some relationships WILL NEVER bring the love and passion and comfort that you want. SOME PEOPLE AREN’T TOO WOUNDED FOR LOVE- THEY ARE JUST TOO WOUNDED TO LOVE YOU. I’ve mourned friendships and connections long before they figuratively “died” in my tear-filled eyes. I had to GET A GRIP – even the deepest of loves, the strongest of relationships and friendships are forced apart by abuse.

So many times, relationships are casualties that hinder purpose. C.O.Ps are designed to keep you from your destination. Some relationships must run their course and then end, or at least be redefined. Lately, I’ve suffered with an incredible level of lying and blame redirect – somehow it’s my fault for how I’m being treated, or it’s wrong of me to respond negatively to a negative attack; even people who use the same exact words I used to explain my offense in order to say, “Adam, I’ve looked at me and I’ve decided that I’m ok. You are a Christian. You shouldn’t respond like this!”

Relationships cannot be allowed to detour you from your purpose. Cry, for as long as you must, and then move on. Take your own advice. Stop telling people NOT to take the abuse and frustration you have taken for way too long. It’s over – you know it.
When we arrive at our destination, we will remember the moments that C.O.Ps or Casualties Of Purpose forced us to make decisions for the rest of your lives. No more pain, no more twisted logic and justification for foolishness. No more wasted time healing over wounds we allow people to keep reopening. Learn yourself and cry when you do. Heal and go on. Heal and grow on.
A Casualty Of Purpose = Relationships

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