C.O.Ps Wrap-Up

We have talked all week about Casualties Of Purpose. Purpose is a dangerous road; it is a long, hard journey. The problem is that most people speak of Purpose from the finish line. They talk about Purpose from their position at the end of the race. They’re already successful; they’ve already made it. Many people see me as a success right now but they are so mistaken. That is not true. I am successful internally, corporately and publicly, but not financially. I am not millionaire status or six-figure status, yet. I am a coach, struggling on my grind like everybody else. I am serious about helping all of us realize our divine design and original intent.

So many coaches who become overnight successes waste so much time talking about the grind from the finish line and not from the middle of the race. They tell you how to do what they’ve done to become successful but the success that they have achieved many times does not come from a raw, truth level. This is because each story is different; not only is each story different but each outcome had various growing pains with a different lesson ascribed to each pain. Talking about Purpose once you have made it leaves so many people out of the detailed pain or the step by step journey that was necessary for that individual to achieve Purpose.

I spent a lot of time this week talking about C.O.Ps or the Casualties Of Purpose. I did that because I realized how the journey to achieving Purpose has destroyed so many lives along the way. There are many fractured worlds that still lie alone along the wayside of Purpose. If you ever get a chance to sit down and read a great book, I recommend Pilgrim’s Progress. The journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City is littered with pain and loss.

Now let me close this week tonight by leaving you with the worst out of all the casualties. The worst thing about C.O.Ps is an all out attack. Most people never encounter an all out attack. An all out attack means that someone is pulling out all the stops. Get ready for a no holds barred fight where everything is legal and nothing is forbidden. You can throw your best, worst or most forbidden punch as many times as you wish with no concern of reprisal. An all out attack is when your enemy comes out of hiding and declares themselves to the world as your enemy. No need for further guessing or speculation – know your enemy and know that there is nothing they won’t do to make sure you never see another moment of progress. They are telling you that your success is at their expense and they are set and determined to keep that from happening!

And here lies another of my issues. Rarely does an enemy come out and publicly declare themselves as an adversary. Those types of declarations are normally frowned upon as we are all supposed to be our brother’s or our sister’s keeper. It would be so much easier if our enemy would come out and say to our face, “Hey I don’t like you and I want to see you fail!” More often than not, your enemy smiles in your face and pats you on the back and says, “I’m for you and I want you to win and I want you to be successful.” However, all of their movements and conversations outside of your hearing are to the contrary. Wouldn’t you prefer to have someone tell you they don’t like you instead of smile in your face and then tell people who are loyal to you that their loyalty to you is offensive to them. Doesn’t that sound crazy? It does, but it happens everyday.

How can you tell who your enemies are? I wish I knew. Then you could more accurately guess where the attack may be coming from. The longer I live is the more I realize that one can’t always guard against betrayal. I’ve spent more time in the last 3 years of my life guarding against a bitter heart than against anything else. I’ve suffered lies and betrayals from mentors, friends, relationships, “family”, Christians, prophets, pastors and so much more. I’ve had to fight to keep my sanity and remain cool with a clean heart against the very worst of situations and crimes against people in my world.

Every coach needs a coach just like every doctor needs a doctor. I’m here to confess that just as doctors are the worst patients, coaches are the worst clients. I’ve learned that you have to learn how to manage you. When you are dealing with pain and rage, know that your biggest test in life will always be to keep your heart clean. Guarding against bitterness keeps you from comparing yourself to and judging others.
Casualties Of Purpose… there are ways to avoid them. We will talk about that next week. Take the weekend recognize your own C.O.Ps.
C.O.Ps were written to serve and protect you along your life journey. So avoid C.O.Ps but if you can’t, respect them. The disrespect and disregard of C.O.Ps can be deadly.

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