Adam Watson

“You will make poverty your enemy forever”

– Adam W. Watson

Driven by a passion for identifying negative thought patterns, and destroying them with life-affirming concepts, motivational speaker and author, Adam Wade Watson, first began sharing his unique vision decades ago through just a few small speaking engagements. Now, Adam’s events attract thousands of audience members, while his books, plays and CDs have been enjoyed by many, many others. After years of personal success in the business world, Adam began offering both small and large companies help in sales through a number of seminars and coaching services. Hired by some of the most recognized and respected companies in America, Adam’s unique speaking style has made him one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the country.

Referred to as a “younger Tony Robbins”, Adam is recognized for delivering his lessons and anecdotes with grace, grit and passion. Led by a personal desire to inspire others to tap into the greatness that exists within themselves, in order to change the world,  Adam offers a variety of coaching programs for both individuals and corporate entities, as well as seminars and lectures. Available as both a sales consultant and an inspirational speaker, Adam offers maximum value and return on your investment. Find out more about how to schedule Adam Wade Watson for your next event by filling out our online contact form and please feel free to browse our motivational product selection to find his best-selling audio books and CDs.

"Phenomenal Teaching!"

“ Mind Set Go! Is a phenomenal teaching of how to create a championed life and being the best version of yourself! !! Adam is amazing at what he does, he’s fully enthusiasm and teaches with a passion that lights up the room. He’s program has made an impact in my life and will definitely impact the live of others to move away from mediocrity to greatness.”

Joselande Vilsaint